Making Payments Using Monay GPS

đź’ˇ How does a customer make payments using the Monay GPS Payment Gateway?

The Monay GPS is a secured solution that allows its customers to accept electronic payments using the payment facilitator’s infrastructure. It onboards the customers on the portal referred to as sub-merchants in the payment facilitator model – and is responsible for handling certain aspects of the overall transaction flow. The Monay GPS acts as a single point of contact for their customers, with responsibility for sub-merchant onboarding, receiving electronic payments, settlement of funds to sub-merchant accounts, and regulatory requirements. Monay GPS ensures instant onboarding to the platform. Monay GPS standalone API technology ensures easy integration, fast settlement of the money, instant refunds, chargeback management, and payment links.

A sub-merchant has access to the Monay GPS portal and Payment APIs. A customer can either pay on the websites where Payment APIs are integrated or pay a payment link using a smart payment page.

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