Payment Link

Payment Link

A sub-merchant can collect payments by sending Payment Links to customers. Following are the characteristics of the payment link: 

  •       Payment Links are created and shared with customers in a time-efficient manner
  •       The customers receive a Payment Link via email or SMS using which they can quickly pay through a smart payment page. 
  •       Send automated reminders through email to customers and remind them about outstanding payments.

The flow of payment link is as follows:

To view all Payment links:

a)    Go to Dashboard

b)    Click on the Share Payment link 

c)    To filter the payment link, click on the relevant filter.

d)    To view Transaction details and the transaction history of the payment link. Click on Payment ID. 

Block Link

You can block Payment Links issued to your customers. Your customers will not be able to make payments using the blocked payment links.

Re-Send Link

You can re-send the created link to the customer. All the details will be the same.

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