Getting Started with Monay GPS

💡 Monay GPS offers Payment Infrastructure to effectively manage your business online. Sign up to get started.


The Monay GPS is a secured solution that allows its customers to accept electronic payments using the payment facilitator’s infrastructure.

👉🏼 It onboards the customers on the portal referred to as sub-merchants in the payment facilitator model – and is responsible for handling certain aspects of the overall transaction flow.

🌐 The Monay GPS acts as a single point of contact for their customers, with responsibility for sub-merchant onboarding, receiving electronic payments, settlement of funds to sub-merchant accounts, and regulatory requirements.

📲 Monay GPS ensures instant onboarding to the platform.

💳 Monay GPS standalone API technology ensures easy integration, fast settlement of the money, instant refunds, chargeback management, and payment links.

Getting Started

Create a Monay GPS Account

You need to sign up for a Monay GPS account to consume the Payment APIs and access the Monay GPS Portal.

1.    Sign up

2.    Verify the email address

3.    Complete KYC Information

After registering on the portal, you can start accepting payments from customers. However, the money is settled in your account only after your KYC is verified.

1. Sign Up

To create a Monay GPS account on the portal

1.    Go to the Monay GPS website and click CREATE ACCOUNT button.

2.  Enter the following fields to complete the Sign-Up process 

a.    Work Email

b.    First name

c.    Last name 

d.    Password

e.    Country

3. Click the SIGN-UP button

Account Verification 

An email will be sent to the registered email for account verification.

1.    Click the “Complete Enrolment” button in your email to complete the verification process. 

Sign in 

1.    Enter your verified email address and password to sign in.

Authenticate Sign In

  1. Enter six-digit OTP sent to the registered email address

2. Click Submit Button

3. If you have not received OTP, Click on the "Send Again" button.

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