Transactions are the inflow of funds through Monay GPS to the sub-merchant account. Successful and unsuccessful transactions, chargebacks, voids, and refunds are all recorded as transactions. Authorization ID, Transaction ID, Date and time of the transaction, transaction details, and customer details will be displayed in transactions for records and audit purposes. 

You can receive payments in your account after KYC verification.

Payment Method

Monay GPS offers various payment methods to customers. You can select to pay through either a credit card, debit card, or e-check, at your convince.

Card Payments

You can receive payments from your customers using debit or credit cards. Monay GPS supports the following card providers:

  •       Visa
  •       Mastercard
  •       American Express
  •       DINERS

You can view all transaction details, and issue a chargeback, void, or refund from the Transaction section on the Dashboard.

To view transactions made on your account:

1.    Sign in to your account.

2.    Click Transactions

3.    Select All Transactions

4. To revert a transaction, click on the REVERT button.

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