Monay GPS portal will be equipped with a wide range of features such as analytics and real-time charts that help the user gain valuable insight into sub-merchants business performance. It also has a list of recent activities. A sub-merchant can navigate to complete three steps of the registration process through the dashboard: KYC details, processing agreement, and financial information.  The Monay GPS dashboard provides the facility of the following: 

  • Developer API key and secret key 
  •       Payment links
  •       Payment statistics 
  •       Graph of all payments
  •       Total number of payments
  •       Total Payment Amount Received 
  •       Total number of Refunds / Voids.
  •       Graph of successful payments.
  •       Overview of payments in tabular format which can be viewed by daily, monthly, and yearly filters.
  •       Overview of refunds in tabular format which can be viewed by daily, monthly, and yearly filters.
  •       Overview of voids in tabular format which can be viewed by daily, monthly, and yearly filters.


  • Payment
  • Chargeback
  • Void 
  • Refund

Share Payment Link

  • Create a payment link
  • Smart Payment page for payment links
  • View the status of payment links

Payment Analytics

  • Payment Statistics 
  • Payment Trends

Reconciliation and Settlements 

  • View Details of Reconciled and settled transactions.

My Account

  • Update profile information
  • Support Tickets
    • Track the status of your ticket.
    • Raise a new ticket.


  • Set reminders for Payment Links
  • Manage email notifications

Dashboard Features

The dashboard of the Monay GPS provides an Overview of payments and recent activity. When a user sign-in Dashboard appears as follows: 

You can check the KYC status of your account. When a user sign-in, a free account subscription is available.

You can generate API keys for developers from the Dashboard. Payment links can also be generated.

Your Payment statistics such as the total number of payments, the total amount received, the total number of refunds, chargebacks, and void payments are displayed.

A graphical representation of Successful payments for the selected date range can also be viewed on the Dashboard.

You can view recent activity on payments, refunds, and chargebacks.

Modes in Portal

There are two modes available on the Monay GPS portal,  Test and Production mode. 

Test mode 

The Test mode is available to the user as soon as the sign-up process is completed. There is no limit to the test mode, which can be used as long as the user wants. The following features will be disabled in test mode: 

1.    A sub-merchant will not be able to receive the payment in the bank account. 2. Production APIs will not be provided. 

2.    A chargeback of the transactions. 

3.    Transactions cannot be reconciled and settled. 

4.    Payment links cannot be paid by sub-merchant customers. They can only make test payments in test mode. 

Production mode 

Once all the registration steps: KYC details, processing agreement, and financial information are completed by the sub-merchant and KYC information is verified, production mode for the sub-merchant account will be activated. A sub-merchant ID will be assigned. Moreover, the sub-merchant will be able to receive the payments and use the production APIs in production mode. 

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