Processing Agreement

When your KYC information is complete you have to agree to the processing agreement. The processing agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between the Payment facilitator, First data merchant services, and the Sub Merchant who is authorized to bind and progress. To proceed you must acknowledge the following: 

  • Sub-merchant have read and understood the agreement
  • Sub-merchants agree to be bound by the processing agreement's terms and conditions
  • Sub-merchant enters into the processing agreement on behalf of the legal company and has the power and authority to bind that company.
  • Sub Merchant has digitally signed it. 

1.    Select the  Signatory Owner name from the dropdown menu. It will display the owner names added in KYC details.2. Click on the DIGITAL SIGNATURE button to sign the processing agreement.

3. Click on “I agree that such signature will be as valid as handwritten signatures to the extent allowed by the local law.”

4. To upload a signature file, select the  UPLOAD tab. You can upload PDF, doc, JPEG, or PNG file types of less than 10 MB.

5. Click on  Accept and Sign button.

6. Click on Submit button.

To Share the Processing Agreement with the Owner

1. Select the Share to Owner option

2. Select the Signatory Owner's Name

3. Click the Share button.

4. An email will be sent to the owner to sign the Processing Agreement.

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