Create Payment Link

You can create a Payment Link to accept payments from your customers.

To create a Payment Link:

a)    Sign in to Dashboard.

b)    Go to Share Payment Link.

c)    Click on  Create Payment Link button.

d)    Enter the required fields on the create Payment Link page.

  •        Customer NumberUnique identifier of the customer. For example 0001
  •        Amount: Enter the payment amount of the payment link. For example, if the customer has to pay 10$ write 10 in the field.
  •        Payment ForWrite the purpose of the payment. For example, if the payment link is created for loan payment, write loan payment.
  •        Email AddressEnter the email address of the customer. For example,
  •        Mobile NumberEnter the phone number of the customer. For example, +10964367436.
  •        Notify via EmailIf you want to receive an email notification on a successful payment check Notify via Email.
  •        Notify via SMS:If you want to receive a SMS notification on a successful payment check Notify via SMS.

e)    Click on Create Payment Link button.

f).    Payment link will be sent to the customer on the email address provided

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